How to bridge DHN from Vechain to Binance SmartChain (BEP20)?

all the steps are explained in the following:

  1. open the Page
  2. Then click on “Connect Wallet” under Metamask and on “Metamask” in the window that opens.

4. A bar at the bottom of the screen and you select “Install” to install the Sync2 Wallet.

5. Then create a Sync2 wallet, create a password, and secure your private key/seed phrase as prompted.

6. to do the swap you need some VTHO (the fees on the Vechain), you can buy it on Binance or another exchange that offers Vtho and send it to your Sync2 wallet.

7. If you have your DHN in the trust wallet, you must install Metamask and set up the Binance Smart Chain. You can find instructions for this here: MetaMask- with-Binance-Smart-Chain

8. Once this is done, you can send the DHN from Trust Wallet to the Metamask.

9. You also need some BNB (BEP20) on the Metamask for the fees so that you can receive the tokens later.

10. Now we come to the actual swap, you go to again and select “Vechain” on the left side and click on “Connect Wallet”, then you confirm the whole thing in the Sync2 window that opens up.

11. On the right-hand side, select “Binance Smart Chain” and click on “Connect Wallet”, then confirm the whole thing again in the Metamask Wallet window that opens.

12. Now, Select the amount of DHN you want to migrate/bridge. Afterward, it should look like the following picture.

13. If everything is ok, scroll down a little and select “Approve” and in the window that opens, select “Approve” again.

14. If everything has worked, you now have the “Swap” button available and can click on it.

15. Check the “I understand…” box and click Proceed to swap.

16. Now you will be asked to pay the fees for the transaction. Click on “Pay Fees” to open Sync2 and confirm the transaction. Once this has happened, Metamask opens, and you have to confirm the transaction.

17. Now you have to initiate the swap and wait a short time.

18. If the swap was successful, you will get a window in which you can claim your DHN on Metamask. After clicking on "Claim Funds", Metamask opens again, and you have to confirm the transaction and pay some fees again.

19. Now you should see your DHN in the Metamask Wallet and you can send it anywhere from the Metamask, so you are ready for the upcoming airdrop.

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