DHN is an ERC-20 token. It will be used as a utility token on the Dohrnii platform.
Use cases for DHN are across the entire platform:

Dohrnii Marketplace
- Access to no-code tools
- Deploying datasets & automated strategies — users will need to stake DHN in order to deploy their strategies in the marketplace.

The requirement to stake DHN in order to deploy contracts ensures that people do not attempt to deploy “bad” contracts, as they will be in danger of loosing their stake.

Dohrnii Academy
The DohrniI platform has a strong focus around education. We want to encourage people to learn and gain more knowledge about the crypto space, and investing in general.
This is why we use the DHN token an empowerment token.
We will reward users in DHN as they successfully complete tests and challenges.

As part of the Dohrnii wallet, a staking feature will be available where DHN holders can choose between varying lock period and APY.

The platform to educate, empower and support the success of crypto investors.