What is $DHND and how you can get it?

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2 min readMar 8


The $DHND token is a brand new token that will be created specifically for our community. We will implement features in the new $DHND smart contract that include lock-in periods and vesting periods to control both the circulation of tokens and sell pressure and to encourage partnerships with influencers, companies, and exchanges.

The approach will enable price stability to be controlled and selling pressure to be minimized.

A certain percentage of future transactions in $DHND will go into the liquidity pool to ensure pool stability and encourage other users to create their own pools to profit from buying and selling $DHND.

The $DHND tokens are distributed to investors according to their DHN investment amounts under our token vesting plan.

- For an investment of 1 million DHN tokens, 2.5% will be distributed right away, and 0.75% will be distributed each month.

- For every 500,000 DHN tokens, 3.75% $DHND will be given out right away, along with 1.5% each month.

- For 250 000 DHN tokens, 4.5% $DHND will be distributed immediately and 1.7% monthly.

- For investments under 100,000 DHN tokens, 5% will be distributed right away and 2% will be distributed each month.

After the airdrop, the $DHND token will be listed on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, so now is a great time to acquire some $DHND tokens.

Holders of DHN tokens have two options for taking part in the $DHND airdrop: they can either use Safeheaven.io to transfer their tokens from Vechain to the Binance smart chain or use Pancakeswap to buy DHN on the Binance smart chain.

The Dohrnii Academy will continue to be accessible for free, and $DHND will only offer the Dohrnii ecosystem’s utility tokens with longer lifespans.

Additionally, the Dohrnii ecosystem will continue to include the $DHN token.

We would like to inform you that we are working hard to create the best user experience for our community and take our project to the next level.

Keep checking and following us with the most recent information. We appreciate your support and look forward to collaborating with you to shape the future of Dohrni.



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