Dohrnii’s New Roadmap for Quarter End 1-Q2 — 2023

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2 min readMar 19, 2023


Update integration, wallet development, and design optimization for Dohrnii Academy:

We are continuously committed to developing and improving Dohrnii Academy to provide the best possible experience for our users. We plan to integrate content into five additional languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. However, due to the varying complexity of the content, we can’t give exact timelines for the implementation of these languages. Starting Monday, we will begin the development of the Dohrnii Wallet, supported by a developer who meets our standards. In parallel, extensive design adjustments will be made to the app (Academy), based on user feedback, to optimize usability and visual aesthetics. The redesign includes a more intuitive user interface, more engaging graphics, and a more transparent structure to make the learning process more enjoyable.

Expansion of course offerings:

Introducing new courses and learning materials tailored to user needs and covering current topics in crypto and finance. We will offer 1–2 new classes per week until we reach 40 lessons.

Community Engagement:

Organizing online events, webinars, and workshops to promote the Dohrnii Academy community and enable knowledge and experience sharing.


Entering into partnerships with leading companies and organizations in crypto and finance to provide users with exclusive learning resources, internship opportunities, and networking events.


Starting Monday, token contract creation will begin, followed by extensive testing on the test network. After successful and error-free verification, the contract will be released for audit. Once the audit is complete, the MINT will start. The creation of the contract and the testing phase take 4–6 weeks. The audit requires an additional 3–8 weeks. After successful testing and auditing, the MINT occurs within minutes. The snapshot will take place only on the Binance Smart Chain side after the creation and verification of the token are complete. We will give everyone one week to swap their tokens.

Instructions on how to swap can be found here:

What is DHND and how you can get it?

The roadmap for the second quarter focuses on continuously improving Dohrnii Academy and providing users with an engaging and effective learning environment. By constantly updating the platform, expanding course offerings, fostering community engagement and partnerships, and developing the Dohrnii Wallet and DHND token contract, we can provide the best possible experience for our users.



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